Luke Lazarus accumulated a remarkable amount of commercial expertise as an entrepreneur, so he decided to share this knowledge by becoming a startup consultant. Numerous Australian executives benefit from his wise advice on business development, promotion and financing. He helps companies enter the market or take action to achieve greater success.

Lazarus knows how to recognize the most important problems that a firm needs to solve. His recommendations have empowered troubled businesses to orchestrate lasting turnarounds. He also has the skills needed to develop persuasive presentations for investors. Entrepreneurs receive generous funding thanks to his words; he uses appealing stories about startups to attract investment.

The experienced consultant creates business plans for new firms. His work enables entrepreneurs to secure funding by clearly explaining the commercial potential of their ideas. He also devises effective advertising, sales and financial strategies. Among other things, he performs market research and accurately predicts how long it will take companies to become profitable.


Luke Lazarus recognizes the tremendous importance of an intriguing story. He knows that most firms can’t succeed by simply offering the right features or charging competitive prices. They need to deliver unique experiences and tell memorable stories to differentiate themselves. Many Australians want to support businesses that authentically embrace beneficial values. Lazarus helps entrepreneurs send the right messages to attract these loyal clients and investors.

Although he often multitasks and strives to maximize productivity, the consultant begins each day in peaceful silence. He wakes up early and meditates for about 15 minutes. Lazarus also exercises at a fitness center every morning. During the workday, he takes copious notes, organizes time efficiently and uses Google’s online office applications. He usually rides to clients’ offices in Uber cars.

Luke Lazarus looks forward to a bright future in startup consulting. The Melbourne business adviser regularly works to develop connections with fellow professionals. His confidence, persistence and networking skills help to ensure that he can benefit from a steady stream of new clients for years to come.