Eyeliner tattoo Melbourne

More and more women in Melbourne have considered getting an eyeliner tattoo to enhance their appearance and feel confidently beautiful.

Eyeliner Tattoo

And why not? An eyeliner tattoo is a great way to emphasise your eyes without worrying about smudging or smearing. They can also help your eyes look bigger and more awake.

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What is the procedure of tattooing?

First, let's understand what tattooed eyeliner is. It is the introduction of pigment under the skin to a depth of no more than 1 millimetre using a particular machine. The result is a permanent pattern that will remain on the skin for a long (spoiler: but not forever).

Many people are interested in how painful permanent eyeliner is. This is the case when beauty does not require sacrifice - thanks to anaesthesia, you will not feel any pain, at most - a slight discomfort.

The tattoo procedure consists of several stages:

  • Preliminary consultation. The cosmetic tattoo technician will tell you all the details about the tattoo procedure and ask about the presence of contraindications.
  • Sketching. At this stage, you must decide what kind of tattoo you want to see on your eyes.
  • Conducting an allergy test. It is necessary to find out if you are not allergic to anaesthesia, which is used in applying tattooing.
  • If no allergic reactions are detected, anaesthetic cream is applied to the eyelid and a film is used on top. After 10 minutes, the anaesthesia will take effect.
  • When all the preparatory stages are passed, the master applies tattooing and introduces pigment with a particular machine, first in one eyelid, then in the other.
  • First, the specialist works out the contour along the growth of eyelashes, moving according to the sketch drawn earlier. If you want tattooing with growing, the master creates the effect of spraying, introducing pigment at different points.
  • In the process, the master constantly wipes the skin with sterile tissue to remove excess dye and protruding drops of blood and lymph.
  • At the end of the cosmetic tattoo procedure, the specialist will treat the skin with antiseptic and apply anti-inflammatory ointment.

What are the types and techniques of eye tattooing?

There are three main types of eyeliner tattoo treatment - choose the technique based on the features of the face and the effect you want to achieve.

Inter-eyelash tattooing

The master works only the growth zone of the eyelashes, filling the space between them. The look becomes more expressive, creating the effect of thick eyelashes.

No one will even realise you have permanent makeup unless you tell them. This option suits fans of nude shades in makeup and adherents of natural beauty.

Arrow tattooing

This Cosmetic Eyeliner is for those who can't imagine their life without arrows but are tired of spending a lot of time drawing them. The cosmetic tattoo artist will help you choose the correct arrow variant, and you can forget about eyeliner and pencils for at least a year.

Tattooing of arrows with a growing line

This technique is the most complex and consists of applying a contour line with its subsequent blending. As a result, your eyes will look like you had a complete makeover.

Pros of eye tattooing: The procedure result lasts up to several years.

  • Returns expressiveness to the look and adds confidence.
  • Skilfully disguises age-related eye changes (drooping eye corners, drooping eyelids, asymmetry).
  • Conceals minor cosmetic imperfections.
  • Saves time on daily makeup and the cost of cosmetics.
  • Visually thickens the eyelash line.
  • Does not cause allergies and has a limited number of contraindications.

Minuses of eye tattooing

  • Quite a high price for the tattooing procedure.
  • There is a risk of getting to the woe-master, who will create on your eyelids something obscene.

How do you choose the right eye permanently?

There are no limitations to the procedure of tattooing or eye permanence. It is suitable for all girls and women from the age of 18. And all thanks to the fact that you can choose different widths, effects and lengths of the arrow / interlash space. This allows you to find the best style of eyeliner tattoo for each girl.

Is eye tattooing safe?

Eye tattooing is a safe procedure if a specialist with experience carries it out and uses only disposable, sterile and tested materials. Also, an essential factor is the client's health, which, by external indicators, is not always recognisable. Treat the procedure of eye tattooing with full responsibility, carefully read the recommendations before the process, and strictly follow all the rules of care after its completion.

Eye tattoo price

The most affordable option turned out to be interlash tattooing. This is understandable because this technique involves a minimum amount of work.

Also, the price of a tattoo depends on the qualifications of the master, the cost of materials used and the degree of complexity of the procedure.

The most expensive is the growing arrow - only an experienced master can perform tattooing with this technique. Specialists must create the effect of a natural shadow, which often uses several shades of pigment.

Can you get tattooed?

Tattoo Eyeliner

Are you already determined to get your eyes tattooed? Make sure you don't have any of the following contraindications:

  • insulin-dependent diabetes;
  • hepatitis;
  • AIDS and HIV;
  • any acute medical conditions;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • pregnancy;
  • oncology;
  • presence of inflammation in the eyelid area.

Experts advise scheduling a salon visit in the middle of the cycle - so the tattooing procedure will be less painful.

What are the consequences of eye tattooing?

It would be best if you were prepared for your eyelids to be a little swollen and puffy after tattooing - don't panic, and don't be frightened; it's normal. After a few days, the swelling will decrease, and you will not look like a Chinese beekeeper.

Another feature of healing tattooing is the appearance of crusts. At this time, eyelids can be very itchy. Do not be tempted to pick or peel off the crust, as this can lead to the appearance of splotches on the tattoo. Over a week, the crusts will gradually peel off on their own.

Over two weeks, the injected pigment will gradually absorb and settle, so the tattoo's colour may change from rich to faded. Also, the contour of the arrow may become slightly blurred or discontinuous. These shortcomings master will eliminate the procedure of correction.

Care after eyelid tattooing

The healing process of tattooing will last for a month. During the first two weeks, it is necessary to adjust the usual rhythm of life slightly:

  • You must refuse mascara, shadows and other cosmetics applied to the eye area. The same applies to eyelash extensions or gluing.
  • It would be best to postpone sitting in a bath or sauna and visiting a swimming pool. Do not plan a visit to the beautician and peels.
  • Ultraviolet has a damaging effect on the pigment, so no tanning beds and direct sunlight. Use sunglasses, even if the permanent is made in winter. And to hide from the sun in the summer, you will wear hats.

Failure to follow these simple rules can result in tattooing that looks like something out of an "expectation and reality" series.

How long does eye tattooing last?

The average durability of the eye tattoo procedure is about 2-3 years. Further, the result will lose brightness, but you can restore the former saturation or change the shape thanks to additional correction.

The longevity of permanent makeup depends on the skin's features, the client's age and the procedure's quality. If you want to enjoy the benefits of tattooing as long as possible, follow the recommendations of the master on the proper care of eyelid skin.

How is eyelid tattoo removal done?

What to do if you are unsatisfied with the result of tattooing or suddenly decide that arrows are not your thing? Relax; you don't have to wait a few years for the permanent to fade. There are two ways to remove tattooing:

  1. Laser removal. The essence lies in the directional impact of a laser beam on the area from which you need to remove tattooing. As a result, the pigment is destroyed and removed from the body. You will need at least 2-3 procedures to remove tattooing permanently.
  2. Removal with the help of a special liquid - remover. The composition penetrates deep into the skin, connects with pigment molecules and forms a kind of substance that is pushed to the surface. A crust appears within a few days after the procedure, which then comes off.