Eyebrow tattoo vs microblading

Modern cosmetology offers a variety of services, including eyebrow design. Nowadays, tattooing and microblading are popular and aim to correct and tint eyebrows.

Eyebrow Microblading Melbourne

How microblading and eyebrow tattooing are done


With the help of this technique, a skilled microblading artist can adjust the shape of the eyebrow microblading Melbourne according to your desire and the latest fashion in brow design. Microblading differs from hair tattooing, which uses the primary working tool – a special scalpel pen with a sharp blade in the form of a feather. The microblading artist applies short, thin hairlike strokes, mimicking the look of natural brow hair, repeating the shape of the client's natural hair, and filling the cuts with colouring pigment. This jeweller's work ensures a biological effect, resulting in incredibly real brows.

Before the session, the specialist models the shape using a pencil sketch and agrees on the brow design with the client.

Micro incisions on the skin may cause painful sensations, so local anaesthetics are applied during the procedure. After the microblading artist has formed the desired contour of the eyebrow, dashed incisions are made along it with the microblading tool, which is filled with brow colour dye pigment. These incisions affect only the superficial layers of the skin, ensuring the dye does not penetrate too deeply. The healing process during recovery takes about six days.

There are two microblading techniques with different drawing styles


The hairs are drawn in one direction of equal length and width. Eyebrows become excessively graphic and explicit and deliberately emphasise-emphasized their artificiality.


The master draws each line, repeating the direction of the growth of the client's eyebrow hairs. Varying the length and width of the notch, the specialist achieves the effect of maximum naturalness. It is possible to get a beautiful result for a long time only with high-class masters who have the appropriate qualifications.


There are several techniques for tattooing

Hair tattooing

Each hair is drawn, so the result of the procedure is close to the natural form of eyebrows but differs from the natural pattern. The session takes significant time and requires a high specialist qualification.

Eyebrow feathering

A partial drawing of the hairs of the eyebrow is made, and the central part of the colouring pigment is spread in the gaps. After the procedure, the client receives a clearly outlined shape with sparse dashed lines, creating the effect of naturalness.

The shadow technique 

Imitates the colouring of eyebrows with decorative shadows, emphasizing the natural curve.

Ombré powder brows (Powder tattooing)

It differs from other eyebrow correction techniques by thoroughly filling the contour with dye.

In tattooing, pigment is delivered to the deep layers of the dermis, which allows preservation of the procedure's effect due - a clear and bright eyebrow line - for 3.5-5 years. Afterwards, the colouring substance is gradually removed from the skin, and the contour becomes pale.

After the tattooing procedure, the client does not need to apply makeup and correct the shape. Using this technique allows you to abandon the daily drawing with a pencil and does not need constant contour correction. The picture is not blurred by water. In addition to eyebrows, this procedure is also performed to give the desired look to the lips and for eyeliner upper eyelids.

Powder tattooing is a painless procedure that differs from microblading in recovery duration. Slight swelling and redness may persist for up to two weeks.

A month after the session, tattoo correction is carried out, allowing you to make corrections if the intended image did not turn out immediately or to improve the details.


In tattooing, the eyebrows are pretty saturated and often look unnatural. This is because using a machine does not allow you to consider the microrelief of each person's brow arch. The procedure is completed with smoothing, which smooths out the imperfections. The quality of work depends on the experience of the master.

After eyebrow microblading Melbourne, eyebrows look natural; the specialist can make strokes in any direction and achieve the effect of the natural growth of hairs. The dye does not spread. Tinting at the end of the procedure is not done, and the colour is not as saturated as in tattooing.

Pain and duration of the procedure

In tattooing, painful sensations are more potent than in microblading. This is because the depth of the puncture is slightly more significant, and the spreading can additionally irritate the skin.

In general, discomfort depends on the pain threshold. To reduce discomfort, the master applies an anaesthetic. The procedure usually lasts about 2 hours.

With microblading, the pain is not so intense because the skin is less traumatized. Here, an anaesthetic gel is also applied. The procedure lasts as long as tattooing.

How long the result lasts

Tattooing can last up to 5 years. If it is made unsuccessfully, it will be possible to remove the pigment only by laser. The procedure is long - on average, eight sessions are needed.

Microblading is retained for 1-2 years. Persistence depends on the peculiarities of the body and eyebrow care. As a rule, if the skin is dry, microblading lasts longer.

Rehabilitation after the procedure

Melbourne Eyebrow Microblading

After tattooing, skin recovery lasts up to a month. Usually, it is 2-3 weeks. Initially, the colour will be very bright, and crusts will appear on the skin, but you can not erase them.

After microblading, the skin can itch, so beauticians advise using a cream. Crusts also appear but are not as noticeable as in tattooing, and a few days pass.

How often do correction

Correction of tattooing should be done a month after the first procedure. This is necessary for the specialist to evaluate the result. In addition, this is how long it takes for the skin to heal. To ensure the result is durable, you should not forget about correction and do it about once every 1.5 years.

Microblading does not require correction, as the master sees the result immediately. And if there are any flaws, he can correct them immediately.

Advantages and disadvantages of procedures

The advantages of tattooing can be attributed to its durability. Also, the procedure allows you to get an ideal contour of the eyebrows for lovers of clear lines. Disadvantages: painful, rather long rehabilitation. Take into account the fact that dye pigments can change colour.

The advantages of microblading are its natural results and fast healing. The pigment can be removed without using a laser. Disadvantages - lack of long-term effect and non-colouring of the skin. Eyebrows turn out beautiful but without a shadowy "underlay".

Important advice: carefully choose a master and beauty salon, especially if you decide to tattoo. In case of unsuccessful results, it will require expensive correction.

Otherwise, you decide what procedure to do. Tattooing is suitable for everyone who wants long-lasting results. Microblading looks more natural.

It is better to consult a specialist beforehand: he will assess the condition of your eyebrows and recommend procedures that will help them look natural and beautiful.