How Lazarus Helps Businesses Get Started or Realign with Their Objectives

What makes Lazarus so valuable as a consultant to a wide range of startups is that his approach to launching and rebuilding companies is based on a flexible program that can be tailored to each business’ needs. The business plans that he consults with clients to develop are based on defining how to best tell the story of a brand and how the business will continue to add value to customers in the long run. Rather than getting bogged down in minutiae, Lazarus believes that businesses should gain clarity on the most important aspects of their product or service and reaching customers.


Lazarus’ Lifelong Dedication to Progress

Whether it is his fitness routine or energy invested in networking with peers and clients, Lazarus never misses out on an opportunity to make a great first impression and use his talents. He has never shied away from hard work and believes that more business leaders need to remain committed to their vision without listening to detractors. When asked for what advice he would offer to young people starting out in business, Lazarus responded that they should invest as much time and energy as possible in clarifying their vision before they invest money. He reflected that this is especially important when teaming up with a business partner because competing visions or ideas about how to implement a business plan can tank a business before it has a true chance to get off the ground.